From Push to Pull

Two years ago we reported in our newsletter that we were facing a very special situation as a pioneer with leading-edge technology. Back then we were forced to approach potential customers pro-actively to offer them our technology. Also the ecosystem of complementary technologies, such as connectors and transceivers were not yet developed. Thus, “Market and Technology Push” was our strategy.

Although, we are still pushing our technologies towards potential customers, the situation today has changed. More and more customers are approaching us based on our achievements. Obviously, the market has recognized the advantages of the electro-optical circuit boards and is “pulling the technology” more and more. We have successfully partnered with key connector and transceiver suppliers allowing us to demonstrate the whole ecosystem with new generations of their products.

An interesting example of this was the recent demonstration of optical backplane technology at ECOC 2012 in Amsterdam. The demonstration was a “real-world example” and used vario-optics’ polymer waveguides to connect expansion cards in Xyratex’s prototype “OneStore” SAS storage system.


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